About us

The Healthcare Division of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) encourages research, innovation, and the formation of learning partnerships to advance knowledge of healthcare quality. Members include providers of healthcare and services, supporters of the providers, and others allied to the field. The Division offers and disseminates information relating to applications, research, innovations in quality theory and practice in healthcare.

Operations and Initiatives

Healthcare Division Operations Manual – a comprehensive operations manual is being developed to address the regular day to day functions of the organization. This manual includes an organizational profile, policies and procedures, position descriptions, and forms used in daily operations. This manual can be accessed here.

Strategic Planning and PAR Participation – on a biennial basis the DMC/LC members convene a strategic planning meeting to formulate the strategies for the coming two years. To learn more about the Strategic Planning Process, click here. The 2016 Business Plan submitted by the Healthcare Division Committee includes measures that are based on objectives established to enhance member value.

Growth, Sustainability, and Member Value Initiatives – focused areas of operations that are designed to enhance the value of the Healthcare Division and to support primary Focus Areas are ongoing and include:

Healthcare Body of Knowledge creation and dissemination

Healthcare and Global Community Special Interest Groups promotion and development

Meetings and Events

Division Management Committee/Leadership Council (DMC/LC)– on a bi-monthly basis, the Division Management Committee and Leadership Council meet by teleconference to provide updates and discuss progress on programs and initiatives, plan for future growth and sustainability projects, and manage the activities of the Division in an attempt to provide for maximum member value.

Healthcare Division Annual Meetingduring the annual World Conference on Quality and Improvement the Healthcare Division holds its annual face-to-face membership meeting. This meeting provides an opportunity for member leaders to provide an update on the past year’s activities and an introduction to the events planned for the next year. This meeting also allows members to communicate ideas on how we can make an impact on the delivery of healthcare globally and address their needs as a member of the ASQ Healthcare Division. This meeting is held on Sunday afternoon just prior to the beginning of the WCQI.  All members are welcome.

Annual Healthcare Speaker’s Receptionon Monday evening each year during the annual World Conference on Quality and Improvement the Healthcare Division offers a reception for conference attendees that includes a featured speaker.