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ASQ HCD Retreat Fall 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

8:00 AM-9:45 AM

Notes By Tom Grinley

A Dialogue With Our Executive Director

Paul Borawski (ASQ Staff)

  • ASQ working to engage and enable its members to be the driving force.
  • ASQ looking to be a leader in promoting social responsibility.
  • ASQ needs to know what our unmet needs are
  • Members expressed confusion about the organizational structure.


ASQ and Social Responsibility: What is the Division’s Role?

Sarah Tillmar (ASQ Staff)

  • Working on material to explain social responsibility efforts.
  • Looking for an example of a health care organization with a strong ER initiative and metrics.  Email if you can help.
  • Developing a SR conference in San Francisco June 16-17, 2011.
  • Looking for a 3-5 page opinion pieces, ideas, case studies.
  • HCD will invite Sarah to write something for our revised newsletter format.

10:00-12:15 AM

Notes By Dan Rand

Membership Group Report

Laura Kinney, Chair

  • Enterprise Memberships: The Division’s Role

Jennifer Czajka (ASQ Staff)

  • Enterprise members’ employees have full ASQ Website access
  • Site and Sustaining membership are the same thing
  • Voice of the Customer Business Plan

Carla Konzel, Chair

  • QMD has more members in common with HCD than any other Division
  • Certifications – top is CQA (auditor), CQM/OE
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul Section has the largest number of HCD members of any Section
  • Carla asks that we reach out to healthcare entities and Sections
  • Top job titles in HCD: Directors, Mgrs, Consultants, Engrs – in order
  • Nurses 2.1%, Doctor/physicians 1%
  • There are 3,800 members of HCD at present
  • Suggest Action item – quarterly report of who we are, trends – VOC responsible?
  • Ask Carla for Action items with dates from VOC business plan
  • Membership Committee Business Plan

Doulas Dotan & Paul Grizzel

Committee Actions In-Progress

  • Committee is developing New Member Engagement plan and materials. Will share at upcoming meeting.
  • Committee suggests having student liaisons to engage HC students. Will develop plan for same. 
  • Enterprise Memberships: The Division’s Role

Jennifer Czajka

  • Enterprise members’ employees have full ASQ Website access
  • Site and Sustaining membership are the same thing



  • Examining & Awards Committee Business Plan

Rod Munro & Ellen Hardy

  • Committee will endeavor to identify candidates for ASQ Distinguished Service medals and to nominate  at least 1 per year
  • Committee will develop plan to recruit and support Division members to become Senior ASQ Members and ASQ Fellows.  

Administration Group Report

Bob Burney, Chair

  • Audit Committee Business Plan

Siew Lee Cheng

Committee’s goal is to complete the SOP before next audit

  • QMP Committee Business Plan

Michelle Carbonne & Yvonne Claudio

Committee’s Goals:

  • Identify key performnance indicators for HCD  
  • Develop baseline scorecard;
  • Prepare HCD’s current quality management plan from past plans, with help from QMD
  • Use retreat generated goals and objectives in developing HCD QMP

Communications Group Report

Pierce Story, Chair

  • Newsletter Committee

Glen Bodinson & Anthony Weiss (with assistance from Nicole Adrian and Ray Zielke from ASQ)

  • Transition from Newsletter inclusion bi-monthly in “Patient Safety” to Bi-Weekly electronic version (“Healthcare Update”) in partnership with ASQ Healthcare Market Staff to be effective January, 2011.
  • Chair will inform HCD membership about transition to Healthcare Update.
  • New arrangement expected to improve and increase content
  • Division leaders should solicit member contributions.
  • One issue each month will focus on news and profiles. This issue will have a theme. Theme for January issue is Baldrige. The other issue will focus on a process improvement tool or technique and will feature best practice use of the tool and/or case studies on the use.
  • Distributed editorial calendar contains monthly theme through July, 2011.
  • February news issue will highlight the HCD Goals and Objectives from the Retreat.
    • Nicole Adrian – will transmit add “Healthcare Update newsletter report to electronic minutes
    • It was suggested that due to the importance and timeliness of the “Meaningful Use” issue that it be featured as a theme of one of the monthly new issues before May.
  • Website Committee Business Plan

Cheri Graham-Clark & Linh Dye (Plus Brian Treptow From ASQ)

  • Committee goal is to re-establish a revised Web site by May, 2011 with commonality to ASQ web-site re-design.
  • Committee requests that HCD committee chairs and committees take responsibility for sections of the website relevant to their work. They are designing that capability for this into the website.
  • Want some free, public info to attract new members, then members-only content. Everything free (and w/o ASQ member sign-in) until web site is better established as a resource.
  • There was discussion of how and when we could achieve coordination and integration of HCD information outlets (newsletter, web site, and educational offerings, social media, etc.). This will be discussed at an upcoming HCD LC call.
  • Database Committee

Bill Dunwoody

  • Chair explained how HCD Committee Chairs can get access to HCD Databases and invited LC to notify him of their DB needs.
  • ListServe Committee

John Harrison

  • Chair reported that the HCD discussion board is dying and, now, there is much more activity on the HCD  HCD “Linked In” Group


12:15 to 1:00PM

Notes By Rod Munro


Report On HCD White Paper on Quality and Process Improvement in Behavioral Health and the development of a Divisional SIG on Behavioral Health

Tom Grinley and Anthony Weiss

    • White paper nearing completion. Copy distributed to attendees before Retreat.
    • Highlights need for triple aim process and thinking in Behavioral Health
    • ASQ HCD wants to publish this paper
    • Review committee to be appointed by HCD Chair.
  • Divisional SIG on Behavioral Health
    • Grinley and Weiss working on this and a strategy for what HCD can and should be doing.
    • Will have report at upcoming HCD LC Meeting.


1:00-3:00 PM

Notes by Paul Grizzell


Report of Education and QIHC Committees

Dan Rand and Bill Hackett


  • o Quality Institute for Healthcare (QIHC)
    • QIHC will be co-located with WCQI in Pittsburgh from 5/16 thru 5/18/11.
    • HCD needs to evaluate the process to modify, and improve foe 2011-2012.
    • Lots of paper submissions (Approx 117) submissions.
      •  narrowed down to about 30 presentations
      • 9—2 hour
      • 18—short sessions
      • profitability
      • participation
      • session evaluations
  • Question for HCD: How do we take advantage of the non-selected presentations?
  • Ray Zielke will develop business plan for future QIHC’s which will include following indicators of success:


  • Education and Training Committee
    • create value through educational and conference settings
    • enhance value of ASQ education programs that pertain to HC quality
    • impact and influence education offered by University and HC organizations to include HC quality initiatives developed by ASQ HC division.


Report of Certification and HC Body of Knowledge (BOK) Committee

Rod Munro, Laura Kinney, and John Harrison

  • HC Certification effort suspended pending clarification of financial issues
  • Initial draft of health care BOK will be available in six months
    • initial process and system improvement
    • springboard for lite3rature development
  • BOK effort is requisite part of development of certification exam and process so it is not unimoportant.


Report On Effort To Help Sections Develop Healthcare Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Hamilton Plaza and Carla Konzel

  • Goals specific to business plan of VOC Committee
  1. 1.     Sections are Customers of HCD
  2. 2.     HC SIGs are an opportunity for HCD to assist Sections
  3. 3.     Questions related to how to organize SIG’s:
    1. a.     recruitment
    2. b.    election of SIG officers
    3. c.     duties and activities of a HC SIG meet as a fully functional SIG and deliver VOC requests
    4. 4.     Need to align HC objectives with HC Division objectives
    5. 5.     Need to determine best ways for HC SIGs to relate to Sections and to HC Division


Report on Future of Regional Councilor Structure

Bob Burney and Bill Dunwoody

  • Division needs geographic representation and Section liaison at HCD LC level
  • HC SIG Leadership in larger Sections could serve as liaisons with the HC LC or with a Regional body of such local representatives that had representation on the HC LC.
  • Further definition of these relationships and this structure is needed and well be discussed in a HC LC Meeting.


Treasurer’s Report

Laura Kinney


  • Money is ‘owned’ by ASQ headquarters, not by the HCD
  • At the End of September we had :

            In Checking:                 $38.082.51

            In Savings:                   $34,473.93

            In CD’s:                        $31,990.90

            Total Cash                    $104,527.34


  • All of HCD revenue is from membership
    • membership is increasing
    • be sure people check “HRD”


3:15 PM – 5:00PM

Notes by Hamilton Plaza

Report on White Paper on Management Engineering in Healthcare

Alex Koker

  • Alex has produced a draft HCD White Paper on “Management Engineering in Healthcare.” Rod Munro will co-author the paper. The HCD Chair will appoint an HCD review committee for the paper.


ASQ Healthcare Marketing Update

Ray Zielke

  • Ray’s major performance scorecard items are revenue and membership.
  • Ray reviewed each item of his handout entitled  “ASQ Healthcare Market Mgt Notes for HCD Strategic Planning Retreat, Dec 2010”
  • He noted that ASQ Healthcare members are different from Healthcare Division members
  • Some results from recent surveys that Ray has conducted:
    • The Healthcare segment/Division has increased its member satisfaction ratings
    • ASQ products: the importance of ASQ Certification in healthcare to its members has diminished since 2005
    • Work schedule, family and meeting locations were the top mentions as reasons for not attending Section Meetings
  • Challenge for HCD is to have programming content that is responsive in areas where there is customer satisfaction
  • Ray believes that ASQ’s LEAN training portfolio in healthcare needs improvement.
  • Ray has offered to partner with HCD in the review and further development of healthcare-related PDSA web and educational content.


Discussion on HCD Priorities and Deliverables


  •  What Should HCD Priorities and Deliverables Be?
    • Assumption: all HCD committees are functioning and following their goals
    • List of suggested priority areas:
      • Better section connection; more involved with the sections
      • Comprehensive communication goal-seek professional help on a marketing communication plan. We are not experts in communication. We can do more damage than good!!!
      • Be deliberate on membership growth, 10%.
      • Outreach to healthcare industry
      • Focus on operational/organizational excellence
      • Become the Global Voice for Healthcare Quality
      • Increase awareness of ASQ
      • Become experts
      • Define the target in healthcare and what is the message
      • What would it means to have or not have the ASQ HCD? What difference would it make?
      • Perform an environmental scan on who are our partners, friends, collaborators and competing organizations.
  • Glenn Bodinson suggested that we consider picking an objective that we can make a clear improvement then pick three (3) actions to accomplish that objective or goal.
  • Tony Weiss indicated that he does not see an overarching goal in this list that really motivates and/or evokes passion such as:
    • Eliminating $700 billion in healthcare waste
    • Enabling and empowering Healthcare Champions (provide the tools)
    • Empowering the HCD members to make a real difference
    • Will need ways of measuring our success
  • Rod Munro how we can effect changes in the culture within healthcare toward continuous improvement.
  • Tony Weiss added…..that practices are laying off staff but leaving the bad processes in place.
  • Mickey Christensen suggested that we should make empowerment of the members an umbrella goal
  • Ray Zielke suggested the creation of the “Global Center for Excellence in Efficient Healthcare Delivery” that would need to be further defined in an operational manner .






Saturday, December 11, 2010

8:00 AM till Adjournment  at 10:45AM



BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal): Eliminate $700 Billion Waste by enabling and equipping champions of performance excellence and continuous improvement in healthcare.


  • To improve organization and operational excellence
  • To increase patient and customer satisfaction
  • To sustainability change culture of healthcare



  • Each committee chair will become responsible for their content area of the HCD Website and will need to commit to updating their committee information at some stated frequency (TBD).
  • Membership Committee was charged with creating a “Welcome New Member” process for all new members. Could include content and messages to be delivered via phone, email, website, etc.
  • Membership Committee with help from ASQ Staff and VOC Committee will research and report on the Enterprise members in the Healthcare Sector to better understand their needs
  • Membership Committee will create a template to help members “tell their stories to their management and ASQ HCD” – this needs to include explanations of ‘how to explain the problem(s)’
    • Douglas Dotan & Cheri Graham-Clark will share software tools with HCD council
  • Develop BHAG Charter(s) –
    • Joe Fortuna, Glen, Yvonne & Hamilton
  • Develop BHAG Core Values –
    • Joe Fortuna & Tom Grinley
  • BHAG Branding –
    • Joe Fortuna & Glen Bodinson
  • Add Definitions and Glossary of Healthcare terms (i.e. healthcare vs. health care) to the website
    • Linh Dye & Cheri Graham-Clark
  • Develop information and a tool kit to assist our HCD members to develop a personal plan for making improvements within their organizations.
  • Create a self-assessment module for each category in the BOK. Rod Munro, Yvonne Claudio, and Dan Rand agreed to work on this and bring a plan to the HCD LC ASAP
  • BOK initial draft categories
    • Roderick Munro to send out current list for HCD Executive Committee members to review and respond with comments and ideas for expansion
  • Update All Committee Business Plans by Dec 30th, 2010
    • Each Committee Chair
  • Update All Committee Job Descriptions by Dec 30th, 2010
    • Each Committee Chair
  • Update Bio template will be sent out for inclusion on Update Web Site
    • Yvonne will create a template and send out to everyone
    • Everyone update their information and send to Sue Lee
  • Each person attending the meeting over the past three days is to submit to Joe Fortuna a short review of:
    • Three things that you liked about the meeting
    • Three things that you did not like
    • Three things that we could do better next time


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