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Reducing the Time Female Patients Spend Waiting for Diagnostic Mammogram Results

by DeFeo, Joe; Ralston, J. Er

Abstract: To reduce stress and anxiety for its patients, a small nonprofit hospital set the goal of decreasing the amount of time that women had to wait to receive mammogram results. The team used the Six Sigma define, measure, analyze, improve, control (DMAIC) process to identify key areas for improvements.

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Using Advanced Process Simulation Methodology to Plan for a Major Facility Renovation – Surgical Suite at The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW)

by Kolker, Alexander

Abstract: Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW) is in the planning stages for a major facility renovation of its surgical suite to increase capacity; patient, physician, and staff satisfaction; and efficiency of surgical services. Principles of management science and operations research helped address the issue of capacity analysis and patient flow in the complex surgical facility. Discrete events computer simulation methodology helped predict if the current number of beds and operating rooms and their allocation for the various surgical ...

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