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Healthcare Update: Tools to Maximize Chronic Care Efficiency


Roughly 80% of healthcare cost and resource consumption is tied up in the care of less than 20% of the patient population. These are the “poly-chronics”: patients with multiple chronic diseases or a single chronic disease with multiple co-morbidities. In this issue of Healthcare Update, we look at quality tools and solutions for improving chronic care management.

Guest Essay: Maximizing Efficiency Through Poly-Chronic Care Systems

In a guest essay, ASQ Healthcare Division member Pierce Story ...

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Healthcare Update Audio Interview with Michael Washington – by Anthony Weiss and Michael Washington

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Healthcare Update – March 2012

Focus Groups

A focus group is a tool used to gather a collective point of view from several customers at the same time. It can be used to test if a certain hypothesis concerning customer needs is true, or to solicit feedback on a number of topics. Focus groups can also be used to obtain employee feedback, helping to enhance employee involvement and satisfaction.

 In this example, a doctor’s office was planning to re-engineer its reception ...

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Healthcare Update – February 2012

Healthcare Update co-editor Anthony Weiss, M.D. interviews Susan Peiffer, performance improvement coordinator at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, WI, about strategies for improving the hospital discharge process.   Learn more

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