Division Operations Manual

Policies and Procedures

Organizational Profile

P001                      Organizational Description (draft)

P002                      Organizational Situation (draft)

Organizational Structure, Leadership and Governance

001.01                   Division Management Agreement 2014

001.02                   Division Organizational Chart 2014-2015

001.03                   Division Committees and Task Groups

001.04                   Notice of Meetings

Organizational Growth, Improvement and Sustainability

002.01                   Strategic Planning

002.02                   Nominations Process

002-03                   Development and Review of Division Policies and Procedures


003.01                   Website Development and Management

003.01                   Newsletter Management and Distribution

Financial Management

004.01                   Expense Reimbursements

004.02                   Annual Budgeting Process

004.03                   Annual Auditing Process

004.04                   Support for DMC Attendance at WCQI (rev. 02-13-13)

Member and Customer Relations

005.01                   Speakers Bureau Participant and Content Standards

Educational Products and Services

006.01                   Sponsored Presentations at ASQ WCQI Conference

Division Management Committee Position Descriptions

PD.01                     Division Chair

PD.02                     Division Chair-Elect (draft)

PD.03                     Division Past Chair (draft)

PD.04                     Division Secretary (draft)

PD.05                     Division Treasurer (draft)

PD.06                     Audit Chair (draft)

PD.07                     Nominating Chair (draft)

PD.08                     Membership Chair (draft)

PD.09                     Voice of the Customer Chair (draft)

PD.10                     Education Committee Chair (draft)

Leadership Council Position Descriptions

PD.01.01                Organizational Growth & Sustainability Task Group Coordinator

PD.01.02                Social Responsibility Task Group Liaison

PD.01.03                Technical Communities Group 3 Liaison

PD.01.04                WCQI Technical Programs Committee Liaison

PD.01.05                TCC/Group 3 Committee Liaison

PD.01.06                PAR Task Group Coordinator

PD.01.07                Division Historian

PD.01.08                Programs Chair

PD.01.08.01           Conference Logistics Coordinator

PD.01.09                 Division Liaison(s)

PD.02.01.01           Healthcare Body of Knowledge (HBOK) Content Chair

PD.02.01.02          Healthcare Body of Knowledge (HBOK) Infrastructure Chair

PD.02.02               Healthcare Certifications Chair

PD.02.03.01          Membership Committee Data Analyst

PD.02.04               ASQ Section Relations Chair

PD.02.05                Global Communities Healthcare SIGs Chair

PD.02.06                Healthcare Market SIGs Chair(s)

PD.03.01                Advancement and Awards Committee Chair

PD.03.03                Nightingale Scholarship Committee Chair

PD.03.04.01          E-Communications Task Group/Newsletter Editor

PD.03.04.02         E-Communications Task Group/Website Development & Management Coordinator

PD.03.04.03         Webmaster

PD.03.04.04         E-Communications Task Group/Social Media Coordinator

PD.03.05               Non-Clinical Process Improvement Professional Task Group Coordinator

PD.03.06               QMD Technical Task Group Liaison

PD.03.07               ASQ Standards Committee Liaison

Leader Standard Work & Reliable Methods

LSW.01 Division Chair

RM.01.001          DMC/LC Teleconference Agenda

RM.01.002          Membership List Upload

RM.01.003          New Member Email

RM.01.004          Healthcare Update – Chair’s Progress Report

RM.01.005          Webmaster Invoice Approval

RM.01.006          eBlast

RM.01.007          Certification Validation Letters

RM.01.008          Annual Meeting – Logistics

RM.01.009          Speakers Reception – Logistics

RM.01.010          WCQI Exhibit Booth – Logistics

RM.01.011          Notification of Speaker Sponsorship Opportunities

RM.01.012          Business Plan and Budget

RM.01.013          Strategic Planning – Logistics

LSW.02 Division Chair Elect

LSW.03 Division Past Chair

LSW.04 Division Secretary

LSW.05 Division Treasurer

LSW.06 Audit Chair

LSW.07 Nominating Chair

LSW.08 Membership Chair

LSW.09 Voice of the Customer Chair

LSW.10 Education Chair

Forms and Templates

F.001                     Expense Reimbursements

F.002                     Proposal for HCD Strategic Initiatives

F.003                     Website Change Request

F.004                     Member Leader Request for Travel Approval (rev. 02-13-13)

F.005                     PAR Strategic Plan and Budget Report (rev. 11-08-13)

F.006                     Leader Standard Work Template

F.007                     Reliable Methods Work Instructions Template