About the Program

What is the Lean Six Sigma methodology?

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) combines Lean methods and statistically based application of the scientific method. It relies on collaborative team efforts to improve process and organizational performance. The LSS methodology is used by healthcare organizations across the globe.

What aspects of the healthcare sector are addressed in this program?

All clinical and business areas of healthcare organizations can benefit from using the LSS methodology. Improvement projects related to patient safety, clinical outcomes, and organizational effectiveness and efficiency are most common.

Are there pre-requisites for this program?


About the Training

How does this program differ from standard Green Belt training?

This program integrates Green Belt concepts and principles with organizational success factors, such as leadership, strategic planning, and financial management. It ensures that LSS projects are aligned with organizational performance to generate sustainable results.

What approaches are used in the training portion of this program?

Self-directed slide shows with audio tracks; note files containing all of the slides and their scripts; exercises and examples from healthcare and other industries; articles, conference presentations, workshop materials, and webinars from the ASQ Healthcare Division’s Knowledge Center; and progress evaluations and quizzes for every module

Will I receive CEUs for participating in this program?


What topics are covered in the training?

Contact us at HCDGreenBelt@hgbpp.asqhcd.org to obtain a detailed outline of the program topics.

Other Program Information

How long will I have to complete my case study and demonstration project?

The case study and demonstration project are integrated within the one year training.

How will the coaching be provided?

Online coaching for the case study and demonstration projects will be provided using web-based tools and feedback reports, as well as email exchanges.

Are there other benefits associated with this program?

Yes, access to a specially designed website and blog, webinars conducted by coaches and expert healthcare LSS practitioners, and access to the ASQ Healthcare Division’s Knowledge Center throughout their one-year registration period.

Access, Registration, and Pricing

What are the system requirements for this program?

Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later Mac OS X (10.4.9)

Video: SVGA monitor with minimum resolution of 1024 x 768

Internet Speed: Broadband or greater connection speed

More detailed information can be obtained by contacting us at HCDGreenBelt@hgbpp.asqhcd.org.

How long will I have access to the online materials?

One year from the date your registration is activated

Is Minitab integrated with this program?

Yes, a one-year license is provided automatically.

Are pricing discounts available for groups?

Yes, contact us at HCDGreenBelt@hgbpp.asqhcd.org for more information.

Is onsite training available in conjunction with this program?

Yes, contact us at HCDGreenBelt@hgbpp.asqhcd.org for more information.