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HBOK 1-002

Title Which Workplace Habits Do You Need to Break to Become More Successful?
Author(s) Marshall Goldsmith
Source The Journal for Quality and Participation
Topic Organizational Culture

Strategic Management

Abstract An excerpt from the author’s book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, identifies behaviors that block the path to higher achievements. He points out that the four key success beliefs embraced by many successful people—that they have the skills, confidence, motivation, and the free choice to succeed—prevent them from changing their ways and gaining even greater success. Twenty-one habits are described that stand in the way of leaders reaching higher levels of accomplishment. These are challenges in interpersonal behavior that are transactional flaws performed by one person who is relating to other people. It is possible to remove these roadblocks. Focusing on one or two key areas for change simplifies the task of helping ourselves and others get better. A sidebar article gives an overview of Goldsmith’s book.
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