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HBOK 1-030

Title The Impact of TQM on Organizational Innovativeness: Is It a Case of ‘Chicken and Egg’ Situation?
Author(s) Mohamed Zairi
Topic Innovation
Abstract Customer-centric innovation is a holistic approach that entails innovative thinking from all perspectives using a closed-loop approach based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. Similarly, total quality management (TQM) in a modern business context focuses on performance impact through innovative solutions and breakthrough thinking. The results of a study are examined to determine the validity of two propositions: First, innovative organizations seek to impact through quality, speed, and value in a customer-centric approach. Second, quality organizations have to optimize a variety of dimensions concerned with consolidation, optimization, and innovation. To test these propositions, two groups of organizations were studied using the 9Cs model and the European Excellence model.
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