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HBOK 1-107

Title Building a Successful Mentoring Program
Author(s) Robert McCauley
Source Journal for Quality and Participation
Topic Organizational Culture

Engaging and Empowering the Workforce

Abstract A recent survey reveals that a majority of CFOs said their firms seldom used a mentoring program to help entry-level employees adjust, despite numerous benefits. Mentoring programs can provide insight into the culture of a company and also show that the company is concerned about encouraging professional growth of its employees, creating a positive work environment, and enhancing retention rates. Before beginning a mentoring program, it is important to clearly define objectives and determine whether to pursue a formal or informal program. Mentors should exhibit qualities you want others to emulate and should also be good communicators and coaches. Privacy and trust are essential, so confidentiality guidelines should be established early. To monitor results, meet with participants periodically to check on progress toward key goals. A sidebar article provides tips for good mentoring.
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