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HBOK 1-141

Title Achieving Zero Percent Antibiotic Administration Rate Errors and Eliminating Surgical Sentinel Events at Columbus Children’s Hospital
Author(s) Victor E. Sower
Source ASQ
Topic Performance Measurement

Data Analysis

Performance Improvement

Abstract An internal study at Columbus Children’s Hospital found that in 2004 only 64 percent of patients with acute appendicitis received the correct antibiotic at the right time. The hospital took a systems approach to root-cause analysis, launching “Operation Takeoff,” which involved revising policies, redesigning and standardizing processes, and building in redundancies. The project was eventually expanded to address all forms of errors associated with surgical procedures. In the first year of Operation Takeoff, 98.2 percent of acute appendicitis patients received antibiotics correctly, a 1.8 percent error rate, and there were no surgical errors and only two near misses.
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