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HBOK 1-143

Title Get to the Root of It: Use an is/is Not Comparative Analysis Tool to Pinpoint the Problem
Author(s) David M. Rucker
Source Quality Progress
Topic Performance Improvement
Abstract An is/is not comparative analysis is a powerful tool for quickly honing in on root cause. Use this deductive logic tool in the measure phase of the define, measure, analyze, improve, and control process to determine what is in scope and what is not going to be considered at this stage. The process works best with a cross-functional group of four to eight, representing all facets of the issue at hand. Post this diagram on a flipchart, whiteboard, or projector screen to engage the whole team. The method involves deliberating and answering a series of questions designed to pinpoint when, where, and how often a problem occurs and—just as importantly—does not occur.
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Reference Code 1-143

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