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HBOK 1-185

Title The Criteria: A Looking Glass to Americans’ Understanding of Quality
Author(s) Kenneth G. Best
Source Quality Progress
Topic Accreditations/Certifications/Awards (TJC, ISO, Baldrige)
Abstract Business Results is Category 7 in the 1997 the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) criteria.  As the last of seven installments on the Baldrige criteria, this article notes the distinction between ingrained core values and superficial goodness.  A self-assessment should use results that demonstrate the integration of core values.  MBNQA winners provide examples of this, as in the service cycle-time measurement at ADAC Laboratories and the employee training hours and employee satisfaction index used at Custom Research Inc.  Such integration is not seen when an organization has the intent of merely looking good, but when the goal is to leverage improvement and to perform excellently, results must be balanced and relevant.   Guidelines for business results include:  focusing on the most critical items; putting trends, comparisons, performance levels, and other effective elements into the reporting of results; and integrating results into the report text while using a compact format that relies on graphs and tables.  The Business Results category for 1997 covers 450 points:  130 in 7.1 (Customer Satisfaction Results); 130 in 7.2 (Financial and Market Results); 35 in 7.3 (Human Resource Results); 25 in 7.4 (Supplier and Partner Results); and 130 in 7.5 (Company-Specific Results).  This article includes a model for handling item 7.5.
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