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HBOK 1-222

Title Dissecting DoE Software
Author(s) Martin Tanco, Elisabeth Viles, Laura Ilzarbe, and Maria Jesus Alvarez
Source Six Sigma Forum Magazine
Topic Data Analysis

Performance Improvement

Workforce Development, Education, and Training

Abstract Design of experiments (DOE) is a key tool in the Six Sigma method, but many who apply Six Sigma have little training in statistics, which makes application of DOE difficult. Now, however, modern software packages allow every user to design and analyze experiments. When selecting software for a particular use it is important to consider how the software will be used, what type is most appropriate for your research area, which is the most user-friendly, and how much it costs. Some of the most popular software for DOE are discussed and analyzed, including Minitab, JMP, Design-Expert, and DoE Pro XL. The different types of software for experimentation are classified according to use as generic purpose statistical software or software dedicated exclusively to DOE.
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