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HBOK 1-228

Title Out of Crises: Business Process Management Tools for Turbulent Times
Author(s) Tom Mosgaller
Source Government Division
Topic Quality Leaders in Healthcare

Organizational Culture

Performance Improvement

Abstract Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s seminal book of the 1980s was titled Out of Crisis and called for nothing less than a fundamental transformation in the way organizations were managed and led. Grounded in Deming’s work, NIATx, based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has taken Deming’s message and translated it into a research-based, practical, and easy-to-use set of principles and practices to help health and human service organizations transform the way they do business.  The presentation is a practical walk-through of the NIATx approach with an emphasis on the tools used for incremental process improvement, as well as large-scale change. NIATx has grown from a pilot process improvement effort with 23 service providers, launched in 2004, to a nationally-recognized initiative involving more than 1,000 payers, policymakers, and behavioral health providers nationally. Tom Mosgaller shares examples and sets the foundation for an interactive discussion of the factors that have made the NIATx approach to improvement successful.  NIATx is funded primarily by a partnership between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) within the Federal Department of Health and Human Services.
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