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HBOK 1-238

Title Dealing With Disconnect
Author(s) Joseph D. Conklin with Michael J. Mazu
Source Quality Progress
Topic Organizational Culture

Performance Measurement

Performance Improvement

Abstract Every organization faces three strategic challenges: conducting successful audits, turning audit data into a successful project, and connecting a mission statement to meaningful action. In this first of a series of three articles, the authors discuss the auditor-auditee communication problem. Examples provide information on how constructive conclusions can be reached to respond to deficiencies. The other two articles, “No-Hanging Fruit” and “More Than Words,” can be accessed online. “No-Hanging Fruit” describes how a department, given a goal for improving overall performance of the company, is unable to find any single problem that stands out as a starting point. “More Than Words” looks at the translation-to-action problem.
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