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HBOK 1-239

Title Designed Experiments in Service Quality Applications
Author(s) Lou Johnson and Gordon Bell
Topic Performance Measurement

Data Analysis


Abstract Experimental design and advertising testing were born of the same generation, but in worlds so far apart that it’s taken a lifetime for their divergent paths to come together. The basic concept behind in-market testing and design of experiments (DOE) is the same: a scientific way to prove which variables impact performance. Yet while advertising and marketing tests held firm to the one-variable-at-a-time approach, experimental design grew into a rich field with a wide array of test designs and advanced techniques offering the freedom to test more variables more efficiently. This paper discusses bringing these two fields together to produce powerful experiments that have been designed to answer the transactional process owner’s quest to improve sales, revenue, and customer satisfaction. The history of experimental design in service industries, the challenges of an ever-changing market place, determining experimental run recipes, calculating an effective sample size, and interpreting the results of the data analysis are reviewed.
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