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HBOK 1-286

Title Proof Positive
Author(s) Anshuman Tiwari and Siva Nandiwada
Source Quality Progress
Topic Organizational Culture

Change Management

Workforce Development, Education and Training

Abstract Implementing change without sacrificing growth and profitability is challenging. Infosys, an IT services company in India, accomplished this by using the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award model for improving management processes. Whereas the conventional approach to change management is to first obtain leadership commitment, Infosys used a different tack by aligning improvement action to goals and focusing on results from the start. Leadership commitment was obtained after signs of progress proved to leadership that efforts to implement the Baldrige model can provide significant value. The company learned that stakeholders across a variety of functions need to be highly motivated at every stage. Setting up an overall goal and individual goals for each action item is what made the program work for Infosys. A sidebar article sets out obstacles to change.
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