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HBOK 1-305

Title Get the Whole System in the Room
Author(s) Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff
Source Journal for Quality and Participation
Topic Listening to Customers

Engaging and Empowering the Workforce

Change Management

Abstract In an adaptation from their book, Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There, the authors contend that a system can only be changed in relation to the larger system of which it is a part. One of the greatest challenges for organizational leaders in the 21st century is to get everyone in the organization moving from problem solving to improving whole systems. Including all stakeholders in a single meeting usually  produces fast action on problems, decisions, policies, and plans. Five practices essential for improving whole systems for any meeting include how to match people to the task, matching the meeting’s length to its agenda, and giving people time to express themselves. A sidebar article summarizes the book.
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