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HBOK 1-320

Title Preparing for the Future
Author(s) Harry S. Hertz, Robert E. Cole, Joal Teitelbaum, and Kostas N. Dervitsiotis
Source Journal for Quality and Participation
Topic Qualities of Customer-Focused Organizations
Abstract In this collection, four authors share their viewpoints on the implications of the results of the 2011 ASQ Future Study. The American Society for Quality’s 2011 futures study presented eight forces of change. Harry S. Hertz sees three overarching factors operating on the future: the complexity of economic and social systems, the necessity of corporations developing agility to deal with this complexity, and a global demand for ethics and social responsibility. According to Robert E. Cole, Toyota, long a company almost synonymous with quality that stumbled significantly in 2010 and 2011, can provide a number of lessons. When adopting new goals, such as Toyota’s 15 percent market share goal, it is important to align them with existing quality commitments. A company’s response to a public quality failure will inform the public’s opinion of the company’s brand value. Joel Teitelbaum finds that the initial results of the futures study raise questions about the implications for the quality industry, organizations pursuing excellence, and professionals in the quality field. Finally, Kostas N. Dervitsiotis looks to the industrial age, when leaders operated as if future conditions would be similar to past conditions. Technological and political developments at the turn of the 21st century have induced rapid change.
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