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HBOK 1-325

Title The Right Kind of Buzz
Author(s) John Goodman
Source Six Sigma Forum Magazine
Topic Listening to Customers

Qualities of Customer-Focused Organizations

Performance Improvement

Abstract In this most-downloaded article from 2011, John Goodman discusses how Lean Six Sigma can be used to improve customer experience as well as operational efficiency. About half of customer dissatisfaction comes from outside the manufacturing or service production processes. Customer dissatisfaction destroys customer loyalty, creates negative word of mouth, and reduces margin. Customer error, product design, and marketing or sales can all produce dissatisfaction. These problems are all traditionally not considered the purview of quality professionals. However, Lean Six Sigma can be applied to educating and assisting customers to avoid making errors, improving product design, and providing clear and simple marketing of products. Go to to read the full-text article.
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