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HBOK 1-331

Title Newer Better Faster
Author(s) James R. Stevenson and Ali E. Kashef
Source Quality Progress
Topic Performance Improvement
Abstract Innovation is not just about product invention; it is about reinventing business processes and creating new markets that reach untapped customers. Since all innovations are not successful, a business needs many to ensure enough will be commercially successful and profitable during the growth and maturity phases of the product life cycle. Six Sigma’s DMAIC method can be used with moderate success to update existing products, but a better method is needed to address an entirely new category of product that requires more intense innovation. To create innovative products, the Black Belt needs to use the define, measure, analyze, design, and verify (DMADV) method, which is also known as design for Six Sigma. DMADV is focused on a market need or business opportunity where there is no product to satisfy the need or meet the opportunity. DMADV uses tools such as quality function deployment, TRIZ, axiomatic design, and lateral thinking to generate innovative ideas for products to satisfy customer requirements.
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