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HBOK 1-358

Title Get Your Checkup
Author(s) ASQ Lean Six Sigma Hospital Study Advisory Committee
Source Quality Progress
Topic Organizational Culture

Strategic Planning Process

Performance Improvement

Abstract Lean and Six Sigma quality improvement initiatives have been successfully used for the past 20 years by a wide array of industries, manufacturing in particular. While healthcare institutions have also sought to apply the tools of lean and Six Sigma, there has been little substantive proof of success. In 2008, ASQ attempted to assess the correlation of these improvement initiatives with enhanced performance. Despite a relatively small number or respondents to the questionnaire, the study analysis provides a range of benchmarks that have been lacking for hospitals considering lean or Six Sigma. The correlation between deployment of improvement methods within study hospitals and improved operational and financial performance appeared equivocal. However, based on the success of these methods in other industries and an increasing number of hospital case studies, the study suggests that the next step forward should be a broader deployment of lean and Six Sigma.
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