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HBOK 1-362

Title Applying QFD to Internal Service System Design
Author(s) R. Nat Natarajan, Ralph E. Martz, and Kyosuke Kurosaka
Source Quality Progress
Topic Listening to Customers

Data Analysis

Abstract Listening to the voice of the internal customer leads to the meeting of customer needs.  A quality function deployment (QFD) project at the Research Resources Center (RRC) of the Tennessee Technological University College of Business Administration demonstrates the applicability of QFD to internal service system design.  The nine-step QFD analysis for the RRC includes:  identifying customer quality criteria in dimensions of assurance, empathy, reliability, responsiveness, and tangibles; determining the service facets of personnel, planning, and procedures; determining an unweighted score for every customer quality criterion; ranking the criteria by relative importance; documenting critical incidents, though customer complaints were not documented at the RRC; benchmarking of competitors, which was not done for the RRC; identifying relationships between customer quality criteria and service facets; ranking the total weighted score for every service facet; and using a correlation matrix for service facets as the house of quality roof.  This analysis led to recommendations such as:  improving document handling procedures; establishing training procedures; improving personnel resource planning; and designing a new layout for self-serve machines and resources.
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