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HBOK 1-374

Title Creating Total Customer Satisfaction:  A Service Quality Strategy That Will Work for You
Author(s) Robin Lawton
Source Journal for Quality and Participation
Topic Qualities of Customer-Focused Organizations

Workforce Development, Education and Training

Work Process Management

Abstract This article offers a strategy for reframing service quality management by changing from a producer-centered culture to a customer-centered culture. The concepts of service quality and customer service are different but share the common goal of customer satisfaction. Rather than relying on measuring complaints and satisfaction to understand performance, organizations should focus on designing quality into service, based on three factors that help determine quality and customer satisfaction: objective performance of the service or manufactured product, perception of the product and related subjective experiences, and outcome or desired results achieved by use of the product. A six-step process can help organizations address important changes in language, roles, and measures that can lead to a new and systematic view of services.
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