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HBOK 1-383

Title Improving the Internal Audit Experience
Author(s) Theresa Wasche and Nancy Sciortino
Source Quality Progress
Topic Accreditations/Certifications/Awards (TJC, ISO, Baldrige)

Engaging and Empowering the Workforce

Abstract Most quality management system standards require the development and maintenance of an internal monitoring process to ensure ongoing compliance. Internal audits are a key process many organizations choose to monitor their QMS, but personnel are usually not fully prepared to participate because they don’t understand how the audit relates to ensuring the use of good business practices. After asking its employees about their audit experiences, Cerner Corp. developed a training program aimed at closing the audit knowledge gap. It was found that groups completing the training course began conducting their own proactive reviews of internal processes and were implementing corrective actions prior to the actual audit. In addition, personnel who have participated in the training are confident and professional when interviewed during external accrediting audits and contribute to the company’s ability to maintain compliance with ISO standards.
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