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HBOK 1-400

Title Avoid Random Acts of Improvement With Baldrige
Author(s) John Werner
Source Quality Progress
Topic Accreditations/Certifications/Awards (TJC, ISO, Baldrige)

Strategic Management

Performance Improvement

Abstract Organizations can use the best project execution methods, such as Six Sigma and lean, but be disappointed with the results if key strategic goals are not addressed.  Improvement efforts should begin by first considering the characteristics of the best practice model they plan to follow. The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award’s improvement model is a proven whole-system model that provides a systems perspective for managing an organization and its key processes. The hypothetical Baldrige Arroyo Fresco case study is used to illustrate how Baldrige can help drive excellence in an organization’s Six Sigma and lean project selection process. Sidebar articles reveal recent research into what organizations are doing to select and adapt best practice models and provide a sample of feedback report key themes.
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Reference Code 1-400

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