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HBOK 1-410

Title Penn State’s Commitment to Quality Improvement
Author(s) Carol Everett
Source Quality Progress
Topic Organizational Culture

Engaging and Empowering the Workforce

Workforce Development, Education and Training

Abstract Penn State University’s commitment to continuous quality improvement (CQI) began in 1991 when former executive vice president and provost John Brighton and former president Joab Thomas created a university council on continuous quality improvement (UCCQI) to study total quality concepts and their use in higher education. Until 2000, the council’s structure and membership remained constant, with its senior administrators and faculty meeting every few months to develop guiding principles for the practice of CQI, identify critical processes for study, establish pilot teams, and strengthen intraorganizational communication. In 1993 UCCQI sponsored the first Quality Expo, featuring the efforts of teams mainly comprised of Penn State staff members. Since then the Expo has grown to include quality improvement efforts of students, faculty, and staff from many of Penn State’s 20 campuses, and has even partnered with other events to bring together people concerned about quality issues. The Quality Expo has created a vehicle to recognize and reward those who participate in quality initiatives. This activity has encouraged increased support for improvement and a growing number of participating teams and quality activities, creating a circle of continuous innovation that sustains CQI at Penn State.
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