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HBOK 1-478

Title Narrow Healthcare’s Quality Chasm
Author(s) William Denney, Cynthia St. John, and Liz Youngblood
Source Quality Progress
Topic Quality Leaders in Healthcare

Accreditations/Certifications/Awards (TJC, ISO, Baldrige)

Performance Measurement

Abstract The Baldrige criteria provide a structure to align and focus all areas within an organization and have the potential to transform healthcare. Earlier efforts to improve healthcare services have centered on the Institute of Medicine’s six aims for focused improvement. While some gains have been achieved, progress has been slower than expected and process failures are widespread. The Baldrige criteria offer a systematic way to align improvement activities with these strategic goals and to track focused measures that result in real change. Results from Baldrige Award recipients demonstrate that systematic application of the criteria often corresponds to significant gains in IOM aim achievement.
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