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HBOK 1-518

Title Change Management in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service
Author(s) Leizl Joy Nayahangan, Brian Little, and Terry Shevels
Source Journal for Quality and Participation
Topic Organizational Culture

Change Management

Abstract The performance appraisal system of the County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust (CDDFT) engenders organization-wide change. Performance appraisals, according to the CDDFT, give employees the opportunity to reflect on their successes and failures. Interviews and observational analysis show the system strongly supports both current performance and the future development of the workforce. A survey found significant correlation between organizational and individual goals. The survey noted that most workers found the performance appraisal as a whole to be positive, they were less positive about the inclusion of behaviors in the new performance appraisal scheme introduced in 2010. It also revealed that men took the performance appraisals much more as personal judgments of character than women.
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