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HBOK 1-563

Title Quality Quandaries: Cost and Quality in Postal Service
Author(s) Benjamin P. H Kemper, Saskia Koning, Thom C. W. Luijben and Ronald J. M. M.Does,
Source Quality Engineering
Topic Performance Improvement
Abstract This article presents a case study of Lean Six Sigma applied to TNT Post, the main postal provider in the Netherlands. A project following the DMAIC steps (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) was implemented to reduce costs incurred by incorrectly routed mail. Lean Six Sigma principles allowed the project to focus on cost reductions, taking a certain volume of misrouted mail for granted. The step-by-step approach of Lean Six Sigma allowed the examination and evaluation of a number of improvement ideas before leaders decided to roll out a new process for all of TNT Post’s regional offices and sorting hubs.
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