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HBOK 1-567

Title Understanding Patient Needs: The Key to Improving Service
Author(s) Pauley, Ann Judith and Joseph F. Pauley
Topic Organizational Culture

Engaging and Empowering the Workforce

Workforce Development, Education and Training

Abstract This article shows healthcare professionals how to individualize the way they deal with each other and with their patients so that doctors, nurses, therapists, and staff members will be happier in their jobs and more productive, and patients will be safer and happier with the care they receive. People are happier with their circumstances if their motivational needs are met every day, or at least weekly. Dr. Taibi Kahler, an internationally-acclaimed psychologist, has shown that the key to forming positive relationships with colleagues, spouses, children, and patients is to help them get their motivational needs met positively. When healthcare providers do this they reduce costly staff errors, improve patient safety, increase the retention rate of highly skilled professionals, and make it more likely that patients will praise the care they receive and will make that facility their healthcare provider of choice. A working knowledge of the concepts of process communication enables healthcare professionals to understand how to meet the motivational needs of all staff members so that they can address the motivational needs of each other and their patients every day.
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