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HBOK 1-585

Title The Supervisor’s Challenge: Structure Work for Teamwork and Continuous Learning
Author(s) Janice Ceridwen and Ned Hamson
Source Journal for Quality and Participation
Topic Organizational Culture

Performance Improvement

Engaging and Empowering the Workforce

Abstract Two fictitious new customer service supervisors provide an example of how teams can design their own work for achieving goals, increasing work efficiency, and continuous improvement. The process is based on six core human requirements for productive work. The team first created an improved work design by mapping the current process in a flowchart. The process was then analyzed from the customer’s point of view and to determine how well the customer service representatives were satisfied with the process and structure of their work. A comparison of the group’s analysis from the customer’s point of view and their own scoring of the six requirements for productive work produced a list of shortcomings in the current process. Creation of a skills inventory matrix highlighted knowledge gaps requiring additional training and new skills. With just three tools—process flowcharts, the six requirements of productive work, and the skills inventory matrix—the team made a breakthrough that benefited the company, customers, and the workforce. Sidebar articles give smart tips on how to make the process work smoothly.
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