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HBOK 1-600

Title Back to Basics: Measures that Matter
Author(s) Bradley Kolar
Source Quality Progress
Topic Performance Measurement
Abstract Virtua Health is a multi-hospital system based in southern New Jersey. In 2004, the organization’s mobile intensive care unit (MICU) attempted to address its declining productivity and increasing inefficiency through a Six Sigma approach. However, the approach failed to meet the intended goals, and the project was terminated at the end of the improve stage. Although disappointed, team members were able to identify sustainable improvements generated by the initial phase of the define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC) method. The project’s outcomes provided insight into the benefits that might be derived from a terminated project. Sidebar articles explain why the terminated project was just the beginning, describe Virtua Health and its MICU, and define MICU terms and acronyms.
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