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HBOK 1-609

Title Get Engaged: Focus On the Team to Drive Performance to Another Level
Author(s) Dodd Starbird and Roland Cavanagh
Source Six Sigma Forum Magazine
Topic Performance Measurement

Performance Improvement

Engaging and Empowering the Workforce

Abstract When designing a Lean Six Sigma process, addressing engaged team performance (ETP) can provide additional quality improvements. In the case of Principal Financial Group’s group proposal services division, Lean Six Sigma process improvements had already produced a 17 percent improvement in the efficiency of providing insurance quotes. While the division thought the improvement process was over, its leader implemented ETP techniques, which generated an additional 24 percent improvement. ETP consists of a series of process and performance components focused on customer needs and proactive leadership. Implementing ETP requires committing to the change, measuring and analyzing the process, streamlining the work, making work and data visible to those doing the work, reorganizing the team, setting team goals, leading the transition, and sustaining the team’s performance.
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