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HBOK 1-620

Title A Systematic Approach for Making Innovation a Core Competency
Author(s) John C. Timmerman
Source Journal for Quality and Participation
Topic Qualities of Customer-Focused OrganizationsInnovation

Engaging and Empowering the Workforce

Abstract While seeking ways to respond quickly to evolving customer expectations, The Ritz-Carlton developed a systematic approach that taps into employees’ full potential to deliver genuine and spontaneous service experiences. The hotel’s four-step innovation process was developed by analyzing the available body of knowledge and adapting proven practices of organizations that have an established core competency of innovation. The environmental factors at the core of The Ritz-Carlton’s innovation model are inspiring vision, providing recognition, encouraging risk-taking, and fostering an atmosphere of employee empowerment. Implementation of the process involved integrating it with The Ritz-Carlton approach to winning the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award twice, in addition to training programs, company communication, and performance management systems. Additional information available online provides the bibliography of resources that The Ritz-Carlton used to develop its four-step innovation process, a presentation of the process application, and photographs.
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