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HCD Focus

At our HCD Leadership Council retreat in December 2010 the division leaders came up with a focus for the coming years:

The HCD and its membership will materially contribute to the elimination of the $700 Billion of Annual Waste in Healthcare by enabling and equipping champions of performance excellence and continuous improvement in healthcare. We will do this by cost-effectively informing, educating, and motivating our HCD members to sustainably:

  •  Improve organization and operational excellence,
  •  Increase patient and customer satisfaction,
  •  Positively change the culture of healthcare.

To fulfill the spirit and function of this focus, the following initiatives have been implemented:

Healthcare Body of Knowledge (HBoK) – a multi-disciplinary team of reviewers and knowledge infrastructure developers has been working on the creation of the Healthcare Body of Knowledge and is making great progress in this work. While an ongoing process, progress to date on this project can be accessed on the Knowledge Center page or via the Knowledge Center drop down list on the main page of the website. From this framework of a body of knowledge specific to healthcare quality management and process improvement we are working to develop a certification and a certification process, educational programs for online and face-to-face delivery, and publications delivered through both online and print media.

Healthcare Special Interest Groups (SIG) – since the first Healthcare Special Interest Group was conceived and formed in Atlanta we have seen the concept spread through several areas of the country. There are currently four operating SIGs in Atlanta, New England, New York/New Jersey Metro, and Philadelphia. Other SIGs are being established in Hawaii and Houston. If you are interested in the prospect of developing a Healthcare SIG that is affiliated with your local Section please see the information on how to form a Healthcare Division SIG.

Healthcare Market Special Interest Groups – in addition to the geographic Special Interest Groups that have been formulated around the Section infrastructure, several HCD members and other interested parties have developed Market Special Interest Groups in various specialized areas of healthcare delivery. These Market SIGs currently include Behavioral Health, Long Term Care, and Public Health. Each of these Market SIGs has a dedicated LinkedIn sub-group for online communication and networking. These sub-groups can be accessed through the main ASQ Healthcare Division LinkedIn page. Additional focus areas for Healthcare Market SIGs being considered for development in 2014 include Accountable Care Organizations and Patient Centered Medical Homes.

Global Community Healthcare Special Interest Groups – the ASQ Global Initiative has prompted the idea of developing Special Interest Groups in the Global Community. To meeting this demand for a Global presence in healthcare, a program for the development of a Global Community Healthcare SIG among Community Leaders through the existing ASQ office in Mexico. Should this initiative bear fruit, further expansion in other ASQ Global Communities will be considered.

E-Communications – the Division communicates with members utilizing several avenues. Twice a month, members receive an online newsletter that offers insights into healthcare system improvement. These newsletters, Healthcare Update and Healthcare Update: Tools and Applications can be accessed on the HCD website Newsletters page. The Division operates a blog that has the purpose of discussing current issues in healthcare systems and delivery. This blog can be accessed on the website via the Healthcare Division Blog page. The HCD website is professional managed and updated on a regular basis by both a webmaster and member leaders.

Webinars – utilizing the knowledge and talents of member leaders, members, and other healthcare experts the division has begun creating webinars for synchronous and asynchronous member access. A listing of the webinars to date as well as planned topic areas can be found on the website Webinar Series page.

Social Responsibility – by initiative and sustaining partnerships with the ASQ SRO Group and other non-ASQ organizations that are focused on green, ethically responsible, and socially progressive agendas we plan on promoting the concept of Social Responsibility in healthcare.

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