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Resources – Baldrige Resource Library

A New Feature from the Baldrige National Quality Program

The new face of the Baldrige PE Web site with the Baldrige Resource Library is now available!

The BRL contains over 1,000 articles and videos about Baldrige, organizational improvement, and the Alliance. It’s the place to answer questions, including:

How do I find out more about Baldrige?
Has anyone ever done this?
How do I get started?
Should I do Baldrige, ISO, Lean, or Six Sigma?

All aspects of organizational improvement, Baldrige, the criteria, quality methods, and tools are covered.

Tell your customers! Tell your friends! We are all responsible for viral marketing.

Anyone can add content – just register. Baldrige prefers URL pointers to existing files on other Web sites, but can store unpublished documents. All submissions are subject to review to ensure customer value and appropriateness. The library will accommodate articles, videos, webcasts, and podcasts.

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