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The Healthcare Division Chair’s Progress Report, March 2012

by Joe Fortuna

The March 2012 ASQ Healthcare Division (HCD) Progress Report, written by HCD Chair Joe Fortuna, provides updates about the division and information for those planning to attend the 2012 Quality Institute for Healthcare in May.

 I am happy to report this month there has been even more progress in the ASQ Healthcare Division (HCD), and it’s all leading to a great annual meeting with our members in May in Anaheim, CA, at the Quality Institute for Healthcare (QIHC)!

News and milestones for this month include:

1. Nightingale Scholarship Award: We have a winner!

We are proud to announce that after a three-year hiatus, we have once again awarded a $2,000 scholarship to a deserving applicant for the Nightingale Scholarship. Co-chairs Grace Paranzino and Tammy Lampro recently announced that the recipient was Winnie MacGregor, an ASQ member and a project manager with Kaiser Permanente. She is an MBA candidate at California University with a concentration on project and quality management. Her winning essay was entitled, “Quality in Healthcare: Strategies for Reducing Adverse Events, Costs or Both While Improving Quality.” MacGregor plans to attend the HCD annual meeting at 1 p.m. May 20 in Anaheim and the Health Leaders Presentation at 6 p.m. May 21, where she will be presented her scholarship.

2. First HCD “newbie” focus group held: We listened to the voice of our customer.

Our first HCD “newbie” focus group teleconference was held March 20. Membership Co-chair Paul Grizzell and Voice of the Customer Chair Graciela Perez asked probing questions to learn what new members thought about the HCD on-boarding process and gained valuable insights. Both committees will use this information to plan and implement their activities this year. Specifically, Membership Co-chairs Douglas Dotan and Grizzell will use the insights gained to develop an on-boarding toolkit for new HCD members. The outline will be unveiled at the HCD annual meeting.

3. Health Special Interest Group (SIG) webinar to be held.

As I write this column, our industrious Health Special Interest Group Chair Hamilton Plaza is busy rehearsing his presentation for the webinar to be held in April for leaders of the 54 ASQ Sections with 20 or more HCD members to discuss how they can form a Health SIG

ASQ Healthcare Update, published in collaboration with the ASQ Healthcare Division March 2012,

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