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The Lean Six Sigma Conference (LSSC) in Phoenix

February 2014 had presentations sponsored by the HCD.

A day-long post-conference workshop!

In addition, this year the Healthcare Division was partnering with the Lean Enterprise Division to present a day-long post-conference workshop entitled:  Creating and Sustaining a Lean Culture in Healthcare: What You Can’t Learn From a Book

Speakers:  Marti Beltz and Cindy Barrs

This interactive workshop was designed to offer some insights and tools you would not learn from a book. Examples are from healthcare; not just the clinical side, but also from the key business processes that support the care. We focused on how to introduce lean so it doesn’t look like another “flavor of the month”; how to engage senior leaders and clinicians; how to manage all that change; and how to mature the culture from “doing” to “thinking” to “being” lean.

This special session was held on February 26 from 8 am to 5 PM local time.


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