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Thomas Grinley

MBA, CMQ/OE, is the Chair of the ASQ Healthcare Division Behavioral Health SIG.  Tom is also Chair of the NH Behavioral Health Advisory Council Advocacy Committee and serves on a NH Institute of Disability committee looking at readmission issues at New Hampshire State Hospital. Tom has 30 years’ experience in behavioral health and is a strong advocate for behavioral health integration and quality improvement.


  1. Pamela Soucy  August 9, 2018

    Why are there so many re admissions to New Hampshire Hospital….can’t Psychiatric doctors/society worker hvar a conversation with people instead of DSM label for entitlement? how about activity is key to recovery not isolation/seclusion chemical induced for profit ….are community services working fir people with mental illness? psychiatric drugging for compliance isn’t the solution…..thank you from Pamela Soucy advocate/parent for Nicole Soucy constitutional/civil liberties due process rights regardless of a label for social security entitlement

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